Keeping Your Head Above Water: Pivoting during a Pandemic

 |  Monday, 16 November 2020 11:27  |  Published in GENERAL

Keeping Your Head Above Water: Pivoting during a Pandemic

With the ongoing pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, small businesses are facing challenges just to stay afloat. As business owners continue to do everything possible to garner revenue and keep the business running, it is more important than ever to assess and optimize your business.

Here are five ways to pivot your business and help you weather this economic downturn.

Boosting Malaysia’s economic recovery and business resilience by embracing a Culture of Innovation

 |  Monday, 16 November 2020 11:23  |  Published in GENERAL

Kuala Lumpur, 16 November 2020 As Malaysia adapts and builds business resilience in the face of uncertainties, 77% of business decision-makers in Malaysia say that innovation is now a ‘must’ for them to respond quickly to market challenges and opportunities, based on a new Microsoft and IDC research. 

Additionally, while significantly more organisations in Malaysia found innovation to be hard (76%) before COVID-19, they have since changed perceptions, with significantly less Malaysian organisations (35%) having this sentiment now. 

How AI Distribution Technology Can Help You Make More Sales

 |  Monday, 16 November 2020 11:20  |  Published in GENERAL

Getting something from point A to point B is straightforward work. That's probably why many distributors still rely on human labour and paper tracking. While the distribution industry hasn't always been an early user of new technology, new tools are about to transform operations. And the future is exciting.

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes distribution faster and easier. Tools collect valuable data and suggest actions to streamline operations and boost profits. AI can predict consumer demand. And AI in distribution can give sales reps access to information to help them better serve their customers.

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